Who is this "Juan" guy you keep talking about?

Hello! My name is Juan. I'm a high school student in Canada. In 2012, I discovered Blender. Being free (and open source) I decided to start messing arround with it. I later discovered the true potential of 3D sotware, and decided to properly learn how to use it. A few years went by and I knew Blender well enough to make a basic scene in a few minutes. I then kept on making and dicovering new tools and techniques such as Cycles Render, Filmic Blender, and using OpenEXR files. With all this knowledge, I decided to put together a small portfolio of all my decent renders, which your are looking at right now! Since I am a student, this site will keep on getting updated with my newer work, which I hope will continue to improve.

What about game development?

One day while trying to use Blender's crude game engine, a friend suggested I check out Unity, a proper game engine, with full support for Blender files. I started paying more attention to Unity, since I needed to learn a lot more to be able to create a polished product; the Unity editor interface, the MonoDevelop IDE, and C#, Microsoft's programming language which Unity adopted as one of it's three scripting languages.

After a year and a half, Unity 5 was released, and I had learned most of the required steps and techniques to use it effectively. I started working on my first game, codenamed Project P; a simple arcade game based on the Chrome offline dinosaur minigame, with characters and music from Pegboard Nerd's album, Pink Cloud EP. After a month, with only 3 days left before the release of the album I completed making the game, and called it Super Cloud. Since then, I've continued to make games as a hobby in the hopes to one day turn it into a living.